After the fire

After the fire by Will Hill

The things I’ve seen are burned into me, like scars that refuse to fade.

Father John controls everything inside The Fence. And Father John likes rules. Especially about never talking to Outsiders. Because Father John knows the truth. He knows what is right, and what is wrong. He knows what is coming.

Moonbeam is starting to doubt, though. She’s starting to see the lies behind Father John’s words. She wants him to be found out.

What if the only way out of the darkness is to light a fire?

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Isabella Steward

3rd October 2018 at 1:49 pm

This book was so thoughtful and engaging. There were many suspenseful plot twists. I read it so quickly as I could not put it down. Would definitely recommend it to friends and think this could definitely be a possible winner.

Abegail Morley

3rd October 2018 at 9:15 am

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The way it was structured and it really made you think about how all the memories linked up and it wasn’t that hard to either. After the fire whisked me into the perspective of Moonbeam and made me feel how she was feeling no matter the emotion; Anger, disgust, happiness or sadness. I was enthralled. The difference the relationship between Moonbeam and the two men from the beginning and the end was amazing. I felt joy reading their relationship grow. (although it was sad when neither of them adopted her). Will Hill handles cult life well, it could of gone either way but it went really well, I enjoyed every flash back and present day and thoroughly recommend this book.

Zara Y9 Benenden

Abegail Morley

3rd October 2018 at 9:15 am

After The Fire was an absolutely brilliant book to read. I was captured by the story very quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the book. The premise was not only very interesting but also packed a strong emotional punch, the relationships and interactions between the characters were truly fantastic and the ‘Before and After’ style of writing was used perfectly. I don’t think blurb of the book did the book justice and I was really hoping the two men Moonbeam met would eventually adopt her. The reveal at the end of the book was a little predictable and I didn’t like the ending in which a character showed up since I thought it was a little unnecessary. However, none of those things have changed my opinion on this book. I absolutely loved the book and would 100% recommend it!

Annabel Y9 Benenden

Abegail Morley

3rd October 2018 at 9:14 am

I think that so far, After the Fire has been my favourite book. I loved the way that Moonbeam went back into the moments in the past when telling her life story, as if it was happening in that moment. I also love how it was based on a real-life story, and that it was adapted to make a thrilling tale of Moonbeam’s life.

Katharine Y9 Benenden

Abegail Morley

3rd October 2018 at 9:14 am

Having read and watched many stories similar to these, I can say that this book has been fantastically well written. I absolutely loved the plot twists that have been sneaked in, especially when you have a feeling you know what’s coming only to be taken completely by surprised. Even after you’ve finished the book, the characters are still fresh in your mind with how complex their personalities seem to be, and how they really seem to reflect the inner battles of telling half-truths or lies, to run or to stay. So much so that you can’t seem to categorise if they were good or evil, and truly at fault for what happened or if they really did what they thought was right.

Now if you haven’t read the book, you will think that my ramblings are rather weird, so I do urge you to read it so that you too can share your views on this book.

Moving on, if I had to say one thing I didn’t particularly enjoy about the book, it would be first and foremost the blurb. I think that it completely downgraded the book and seemed to do the opposite of what it was supposed to do which is to draw people in. From the point of view given, the book seemed quite dull and similar to many others where the main character has had a bad past, been brain washed, and don’t know what to do but is trying do what is best for her. And although I did think that the book had a very basic plot line, the way Will Hill seems to have your heart strings in his hands as you read on, you kind of overlook it until all is revealed.

Katie Y9 Benenden

Abegail Morley

3rd October 2018 at 9:13 am

This was a very interesting book to read as I am an agnostic, but I still love learning new things about different religions. It was fascinating to have a look into the dark side of humanity. This was a very brain stimulating, thought provoking book as it shows you what happens when someone gets drunk with power and uses a belief against innocent people for their own purpose.

At first, I was a bit sceptic about how the book switched between Before and After, but I soon got used to it and loved how Hill withheld secrets using this technique.
It was also really nice to read outside of my usual book genre and try a different type of book. I definitely recommend this book to all generations.

Lili Y9 Benenden

Emily Jian

2nd October 2018 at 5:55 pm

This book got a lot of thought provoking points, for example, how does the cult control an adult so easily, why there are so many people believe in that, is that because of the human weakness, or maybe the loophole of the society? Also Father John is a interesting character, he has been swallowed by desire and exploited religious loophole to satisfy his own desire, but the reason or background behind Father John is also a interesting point to discuss.

student, ardingly college

24th September 2018 at 4:19 pm

This Book was AMAZING!!!! I loved the characters, the story line was so interesting, and it was a good captivating read!! Really loved it


24th September 2018 at 3:11 pm

This is a fantastic book, which really highlights the manipulation within cults. A real page-turner as well. The main character and her struggle to adapt to life outside the cult feels totally real.

Pupil, Roedean School

22nd September 2018 at 12:41 pm

Loved it. Read it in two days. Liked the way it switched between times and enjoyed the psychological aspects of it and thought the main character was well portrayed. Found it page turning.

Student, Roedean School

22nd September 2018 at 12:35 pm

Very good, lots of tension, amazing story and characters.

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