Meet the 2023 authors


Half life of love coverBrianna Bourne

I was born in Texas but I moved abroad when I was six weeks old, and I’ve been continent-hopping ever since. I spent my toddler years in Indonesia, middle school in Egypt, and wound up back in Houston for high school. After college, I met a tall, pale and handsome Englishman and moved to the UK, where I still live – the longest I’ve been in one place! I worked as a stage manager for ballet companies for ten+ years before turning to focus on my writing.

When I’m not outlining/drafting/editing, I can be found building LEGO with my two little girls, listening to Taylor Swift on winding English roads, playing retro video games on my decrepit N64, or reading textbooks about Ancient Egypt just for fun.

Truth be told coverSue Divin is a Derry based writer and peace worker, originally from Armagh in the North of Ireland. With a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies and a career in Community Relations, her writing often touches on diversity and reconciliation. Her short stories, flash fiction and poetry, have been published in a range of literary journals.

Crossing the line cover

Tia Fisher

By the time I was eighteen, I’d lived in thirteen different places and gone to ten different schools. My dad moved us around a lot – not because he was running from the law or anything, he just had really itchy feet. I was always the new kid in class, the one on the outside trying to get in. It wasn’t much fun, but I did get very good at sticking my chin out and faking it. It’s a useful skill.

Maybe I’ve got itchy feet too? I’ve had more than twenty different jobs, from artist’s model to TV presenter to English teacher.

This book kills cover

Raven Guron writes MG and YA, usually featuring antiheroines or snarky narrators. Growing up she always read the last page of books first, but discovering Agatha Christie in her early teens stopped that habit, igniting a love of twisty murder-mysteries with jaw-dropping endings the reader never saw coming. Ravena is a lawyer with a degree in biochemistry, and hopes to use the knowledge gained from her experiences to plot the perfect murder (for a book, of course!).

The agency for scandal cover

Laura Wood is a bestselling author whose first novel won the Montegrappa Scholastic Prize for New Children’s Writing in 2014. Her favourite things are: Georgette Heyer novels, Cornwall, Fred Astaire films, cups of tea, Parks and Rec, travelling to far flung places, fancy cocktails, recipe books, poetry, doughnuts, Eva Ibbotson, cosy woollen cardigans, Ted Lasso, crisp autumn leaves, Being near the sea, Jack Gilbert, scented candles, new stationery, Rufus Sewell’s cheek-bones, and drinking lashings of ginger beer.